Eastern Partnership regional programme for statistics
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The State Statistics Service of Ukraine (SSSU) is the “specially authorised central executive body in the area of statistics”. Subordinated to the headquarters are regional state statistical bodies and the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit. These bodies pursue the orders of the SSSU but have their own budgets.

The SSSU Chairperson has deputies who are appointed and dismissed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as nominated by the Chairperson. The competencies of the SSSU Chairperson are: s/he leads and represents the SSSU, submits proposals (concerning state policy in the field of statistics to the Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, for candidates for chairperson deputies and other positions, and for organisational measures as well as drafts for legislation), and generally leads the interactions and the exchange of information with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

The Law “On State Statistics” envisages the preparation of the multi-annual programme and the Plan of statistical surveys (the annual work plan). Both the multi-annual programme and the annual work plan are agreed with the relevant bodies and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. 

Currently, the SSSU uses Generic Activity Model for Statistical Organizations (GAMSO) to analyse its activity. This model (GAMSO) has been implemented into the SSSU planning activity.  Technological Program of State Statistical Observations was adopted and used to account time spent on preparation of statistical products (cost accounting automated system), when making reports on the SSSU activity, determining risks, optimizing statistical processes as well as preparing quality control system documentation. Ukrainian National Model of Statistical Production was developed based on Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM).

Source: Global Assessment of the National Statistical System of Ukraine (2017)


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