Eastern Partnership regional programme for statistics
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Funded by the European Union


The work programme for STEP includes a number of trainings, study visits, workshops/seminars, pilot surveys, regional publication, virtual groups and technical assistance missions. The mix of proposed activities is carefully balanced based on consultations with the partner countries during the first six months of the programme.

Most activities are programmed at regional level which means they include all six partner countries. STEP is a regional programme fostering regional coherence and building networks among the participants at a personal and institutional level. Both representatives from the national statistical institute and other producers of official statistics such as central banks and line ministries are invited to the activities when relevant.

As a starting point, most activities will be offered to all countries, but some countries may choose not to participate for various reasons, for example financial reasons or because they participate in other projects in that statistical area. In addition, some of the activities may only be relevant to some of the countries either because they have a different level of political association with the EU or because the countries choose not to focus on these topics at this stage. A sub-regional approach may be chosen if it is not possible to find a level for the activity that suits all countries. This could be the case for the training in statistical software (R and STATA) as some countries have already started implementing these software packages while other countries are at the beginning. All technical assistance missions will be at national level.

The Work Programme is developed along 4 components:

COMPONENT 1 (C1) : Improve the production and dissemination of good quality statistics in the partner countries;

COMPONENT 2 (C2) : Increase the level of harmonisation of methodologies both between the countries and with the EU;

COMPONENT 3 (C3) : Strengthen the institutional capacity of the NSIs of the region along the principles set out in the European Statistics Code of Practice;

COMPONENT 4 (C4) : Support evidence-based policymaking, ensuring that statistical evidence substantiates policy choices, through improved cooperation and coordination between the National Statistical Institutes, policymakers and line institutions.

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