Eastern Partnership regional programme for statistics
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The organisation of the system of official statistics in Azerbaijan is the task of the State Statistical Committee (SSC) and the local statistical bodies. The National Statistical System of Azerbaijan mainly complies with international and European standards. Around 80% of all official statistics in Azerbaijan are produced and disseminated by SSC on the basis of direct statistical surveys conducted by the Committee or administrative data received from Ministries and other public agencies. The SSC, as the major producer of official statistics and the coordinating body of the NSS, is committed to maintain trust and public confidence in official statistics by producing it in a professionally independent manner.

The law on official statistics refers to “state statistical bodies that provide the corresponding bodies with systematic information on the results of their work, on the state of the reporting system and economic and social processes occurring in the country and in its regions and organize the production of official statistics within the country, monitor submission and accuracy of reports in time and manner prescribed by the statistical bodies” (Art. 5). Though they are not mentioned in the law explicitly, the most important other producers of official statistics are: the Central Bank of Azerbaijan (balance of payments and for statistics on the financial sector), the Ministry of Finance (government finance statistics, budget revenues and expenditures, external debts of the state, the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection (disability statistics); Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources (indicators on the state of the environment); Ministry of Justice (judicial statistics); Ministry of Internal Affairs (crime statistics); Ministry of Culture and Tourism (culture statistics) and the State Customs Committee.

Source: Global Assessment of the National Statistical System of Azerbaijan (2017)


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