Eastern Partnership regional programme for statistics
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Funded by the European Union


Armstat is a state body implementing functions aimed at public interest that is independent in its activities. The State Council on Statistics is the supreme body of governance of the national statistical system. The seven members of the State Council on Statistics (including Chairman) are appointed for a term of six years by the Government. President of Armstat holds at the same time the post of the Chairman of the State Council. The State Council approves the principles of the development, production and dissemination of official statistics, adopts legal acts in statistics, which are subject to mandatory implementation across the country, approves an annual and five year statistical programs and reports on programs implementation.

Armstat develops, produces and disseminates official statistics in Armenia according to the statistical programs. According to its mandate, Armstat conducts sample surveys, censuses, maintains the statistical business register and collects statistical data (including from administrative registers). Armstat also collects necessary statistical data from citizens on their living conditions, socio-demographic status, households, etc. and implements the Statistical Information Collection Program each year. In addition, Armstat coordinates all activities related to the development, production and dissemination of official statistics in the national statistical system, except for the Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia.

Armstats operations are based on the Law on Official Statistics from March 2018; which is fully based on the United Nations Fundamental Principles of Official Statistics and the principles of the European Statistical Code of Practice. The law provides for the workings of a national statistical system under the leadership of Armstat which has signed memoranda of understanding (MoUs) with several institutions in the national statistical system and leads the work on drawing up an annual plan for the production of official statistics. These particular institutions in the national statistical system cooperate closely on this and their work is also mainly coordinated through their application of modern international statistical standards, classifications and procedures.

Armstat already makes important use of administrative registers held by the Revenue Authority and aims at extending such use as much as possible.

Source: https://www.armstat.am/en/ and Peer Review of Armstat and Armenian Official Statistics (2019)


You can read more about Armstat’s international cooperation activities here: https://www.armstat.am/en/?nid=69

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