Eastern Partnership regional programme for statistics
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Activity typeOnline workshop (4 full days)
TitleWorkshop on conducting household sample surveys in labour statistics
ParticipantsAll interested staff members from the labour market statistics unit
Timing16-19 June 2020
Activity codeC2.1_11

This workshop on experiences in conducting household sample surveys in labour statistics was the first STEP workshop to improve the labour market statistics in partner countries’ NSI. It was very important for other planned activities of the C2.1 project.

This workshop was planned to take place in March 2020 in Chisinau, Moldova. However due to COVID-19, STEP organised it as online workshop. This workshop was STEP’s first workshop to be organised using Zoom software for four days during 16-19 June 2020 and its sessions undertaken in accordance with the agenda. In total 35 participants from NSIs of partner countries were involved and members of the labour statistics unit of the NSI’s of partner countries made up the majority of the participants. It is worth mentioning that the online format allowed junior staff to participate and communicate directly with the experts to clarify issues they encounter in dealing with labour market statistics.

The workshop aimed to strengthen or deepen partner countries’ NSI capacity in the new standards concerning statistics of work, employment and labour underutilisation adopted by the 19th International Conference of Labour Statistics. The main focus was given to topics such as identification of persons in employment, time-related underemployment, unemployment and potential labour force, own-use production of goods, own-use provision of services including unpaid domestic and care work; voluntary work and other forms of work. The workshop also discussed about how the EU LFS will converge to the ILO’s new standards. Countries made presentations concentrating mainly on changes made in LFS and challenges faced by countries in implementing the ILO’s new recommendations. One whole day was devoted to the development of a roadmap to implement new standards for work statistics. Countries presented a draft roadmap and final version of the roadmap was provided to experts. This roadmap contains future plans of countries to implement new standards for work statistics and it would help STEP to identify issues to be addressed in TA missions to countries.

The participants were very active during workshop sessions and exchanged views and experiences in the implementation of new standards for work statistics.

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