Eastern Partnership regional programme for statistics
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Activity type Workshop
Title Workshop on completion of changeover from SNA 1993 to SNA 2008/ESA 2010
Participants 2 participants from each partner country (head of NA and a senior staff member from NA)
Location Kiev, Ukraine
Timing 17-20 December 2019
Activity code C2.2_06

This workshop was the first event organised in the frame of the C2.2 project on “Macro-economic statistics: National Accounts and Government Finance Statistics” and aimed more specifically at discussing the main challenges of the completion of changeover from SNA-1993 to SNA-2008/ESA-2010 and at developing national roadmaps for achieving the alignment of national accounts with SNA 2008 / ESA 2010.

Nevertheless, the countries are still coping with problems accruing from the changeover. The partner countries are also asking for support in solving problems which are not related to the changeover, e.g. the estimates of consumption of fixed capital or of non-produced, non-financial assets or the recording of the non-observed economy.

The development of roadmaps for the transition from the old to the new system was the prime objective of the workshop. Given the fact that all countries are already quite advanced in their migration to the new SNA, the roadmap discussions could be extended towards a broader need assessment of support for the improvement of the National Accounts at large, with priority being given to the production accounts in general and, if possible, to improvements in the institutional sector accounts.

The participants were highly experienced and fully motivated to share their experiences and to strive for further improvements. Every participant was present at all times for the sessions, the discipline of attendance showed eagerness and professional commitment. The impression is that support from STEP is highly appreciated but it should go beyond the basics and should address the individual problems of the countries, which they had outlined partly, even meticulously.

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