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PROJECT C2.9_64 Training to apply the Harmonised European Time-Use Surveys (HETUS)

Activity type
Online training course
Training to apply the Harmonised European Time-Use Surveys (HETUS)
There were 23 registered participants from Armenia (4), Azerbaijan (4) Belarus (3), Georgia (4), Moldova (3), and Ukraine (5). All participants came from the NSIs. They were mainly Managers and Senior Specialists working under Social Statistics Divisions, especially in the field of gender, labour, life quality, living standard and demographic statistics.
22-24 June 2021
Activity codeC2.9_64

Five of the six participating countries had previously conducted a TUS or were in the process of conducting a pilot or a full-scale survey at the time of the training. This training course enabled participants to become familiar with HETUS 2018 guidelines and its application in ongoing and future TUSs planned in partner countries. Participants deepened their knowledge of HETUS 2018 methodologies, acquired practical knowledge on how to apply learned methodologies in planned or ongoing TUSs and learnt from the experiences of other countries.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on the TUS results were emphasised during the country discussion session. One of the examples of countries learning from each other was that adopting the country-specific activity code “Distance learning” by one country was followed by other countries including it in the activity codes of their upcoming surveys.

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