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PROJECT C2.1_12 Training to apply sampling methodologies in household sample surveys

Activity type
Online training course
Training to apply sampling methodologies in household sample surveys
There were 28 registered participants from Armenia (5), Azerbaijan (6), Belarus (4), Georgia (3), Moldova (5), Ukraine (5). Participants were heads or senior statistician of sample survey methodological units and/or labour statistics unit.
29-31 March and 7-8 April 2021
Activity codeC2.1_12

The training course was structured in five half-days led by the three STEs. At the beginning of the training course, theoretical backgrounds were taught as a foundation for the remaining teaching sessions. In particular, the integration of the R software and its use for sampling operations into the training course was interesting for the participants as it is not used for sampling in some partner countries.

The practical exercise sessions which followed each teaching session were efficient as they required the use of the R software, and participants were very active in learning how to use it in survey sampling techniques. At the end, all the participants were able to accomplish the exercise tasks and some uncertain or unclear issues were clarified during the presentation and discussion on the results of exercise tasks.

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