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PROJECT C2.7_47 Training on the production of final energy consumption statistics

Activity type
Online training course
Online regional training on the production of final energy consumption statistics
There were 29 registered participants from Armenia (4), Azerbaijan (2), Belarus (5), Georgia (4), Moldova (9) and Ukraine (5). Participants were head of units and staff from the energy statistics units of partner NSIs. The Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure of Armenia as well as the Ministry of Economy and Infrastructure and the Energy Efficiency Agency of Moldova were also represented.
25-27 January 2021
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This training course on final energy consumption statistics was the second regional activity organised in the context of project C2.7, following an online regional workshop, which took place on 10-13 November 2020 on the production of final energy consumption (FEC) statistics. This workshop allowed for the transfer of knowledge and practical know-how about the production of FEC statistics. During the course, the STE presented the major concepts and definitions in this field, including the major features of the EU methodological guidelines in particular, the analysis of the possible data sources, the production of FEC statistics relating to specific sectors and the analysis of FEC purposes and uses. The workshop also allowed to take stock of the situation and difficulties faced in all partner countries with regard to the production of FEC statistics, and to elaborate national roadmaps for the development of FEC statistics aligned with EU standards.

The training course additionally allowed the participants to understand clearly the major recommendations regarding the estimation of the production and use of renewable energy products as well as get acquainted with the key principles and examples in this respect. The discussions proved that scarcity of financial and human resources is the major obstacle in all partner countries to collect household energy consumption data on a regular basis. Several countries have already conducted such a survey but further activities are not planned for the time being. Concerning renewable energy sources, the countries expressed their willingness to implement the presented methodologies for modelling photo voltaic electricity, solar heat and ambient heat into energy statistics.

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