Eastern Partnership regional programme for statistics
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Funded by the European Union


Activity typeOnsite training
TitleTraining course on the EU business registers Regulation and Recommendations Manual
ParticipantsHead of the statistical business register accompanied by a senior staff member of the statistical business unit
LocationVilnius, Lithuania
Timing28-31 January 2020
Activity codeC2.4_8

This training course was the first activity implemented in the context of the STEP C2.4 project on “Business Statistics: Statistical Business Register and Business Demography Statistics” and was crucial as it laid the ground for the implementation of the activities that will follow within this project. In this context, the general objective of this training was to ensure knowledge and appropriation of the major features of the EU Regulation and Recommendations manual on statistical business registers within the partner countries’ national statistical institutes; to take stock of the situation and difficulties faced in the partner countries with regard to the development, management and updating of the statistical business registers; and to define national roadmaps for the development of SBRs aligned with the EU framework.

The training course was implemented by Statistics Lithuania and proved to be very successful, sparking extensive and intense discussions not only between participants and speakers but also among participants themselves about their experience in the area of statistical business registers, the difficulties they are facing and possible solutions, and their projects to improve the Statistical Business Register in their country.

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