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PROJECT C2.2_40 Training course on input/output and supply and use tables

Activity type
Eight-day online training course
Training course on input/output and supply and use tables
Staff from the National Accounts units of partner NSIs
16-19 and 24-27 November 2020
Activity code

This online training course was the fourth regional activity organised in the context of the project on Macroeconomic Statistics: NA and GFS. This training is one of the most technical activities that will be implemented in STEP. The trainer used a mixture of theoretical presentations, practical examples and practical exercises where the participants have the opportunity to calculate the input and outputs of each sector in the economy. In addition, the participants were presented with how the activities and sectors interact and should be consolidated. The training was spread out over eight mornings. Each session started by going through the practical exercises that were given to the participants the day before. Then there was a theoretical presentation with practical examples of how the products flow from sector to sector combined with practical exercises. Considering the technicalities of the issues tackled, this combination of theory, practical exercises and examples proved appropriate and was highly appreciated by participants.

During the last day, participants presented the statistical sources used and the methodologies implemented for compiling supply and use tables, and sometimes symmetric input-output tables, in their country. The presentations proved to be very interesting and raised many questions and discussions with the expert and among participants.

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