Eastern Partnership regional programme for statistics
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Funded by the European Union


Activity typeOther meeting
TitleThird National Coordinators’ meeting
ParticipantsEach of the National Coordinators from the partner countries
Timing1-2 July 2020
Activity codeMM_26

The National Coordinators (NCs) are the main contact points in the national statistical institutes (NSIs) in the partner countries. The NC meetings are held at least every 6 months. In addition to the NCs, also in attendance are representatives from the European Commission and the consortium. The purpose of the meeting is to monitor and coordinate STEP-related activities.

During the third NC meeting, the NCs were informed about the Recent developments in the ESS and the European Neighbourhood Policy as well as the latest developments in STEP (mainly the change from onsite to online implementation of STEP activities) as well as upcoming activities. The NCs presented other ongoing or upcoming cooperation projects related to statistics as well as other things of interest to the group. The STEP work programme for the second half of 2020 was presented. The NCs were also informed about how the work on the regional publication will be carried out as well as how the virtual groups will work. The NCs commented on the specific activities.

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