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PROJECT C2.9_19-1 TA to support pilot TUS in Armenia, methodology

Activity type
Technical assistance
Pilot TUS methodology support to Armenia
Staff of Armstat
From June 2020 to June 2021
Activity codeC2.9_19-1

The STEP programme supported Armstat in the conduction of a pilot TUS through the provision of technical assistance (TA) missions on TUS methodology as well as on sampling and IT issues. All activities regarding TUS in Armenia were undertaken in close collaboration with the UN Women Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia based in Istanbul.

The pilot TUS plan and methodology including survey questionnaire were finalised and the pilot survey data were collected in May/June 2021. The household and individual questionnaires were adapted to produce additional information as required by ICATUS coding. One additional column on payment for the main activity was added in the diary. Instructions and background questions in the diary were adapted based on the results of cognitive testing. Templates for manuals and guidelines were developed for interviewers and data coders based on the HETUS 2018 Guidelines and experiences of the STEs.

The Armenian activity list known as ACATUS was developed and used in coding in the pilot TUS. The ICATUS 2016 activity coding list (ACL) at the 3-digit level was used for the main and secondary activities. The HETUS 2018 ACL was used in the coding of context information in the diary.

In total, 14 methodological meetings between Armstat staff and STEs were held and five training courses were conducted on various topics, such as introduction to TUS methodology, TUS classification, data collection, cognitive testing and training for coders.

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