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Activity typeOnsite TA mission
TitleTA on Time use survey
ParticipantsArmstat staff members from labour market statistics unit, IT department and Ministry of Labour
LocationYerevan, Armenia
Timing6-7 February 2020
Activity codeC2.9_17

During the inception mission to Armenia, Armstat expressed that they would like to carry out a pilot time use survey (TUS) with support from STEP and hence it was included in the STEP work programme. Later, it was realised that UNWomen was targeting Armenia and STEP approached the UNWomen’s regional office in Istanbul regarding possible collaboration on conducting a pilot TUS in Armenia. It was decided to organise a two-day meeting in Yerevan to discuss how to support Armstat in carrying out the pilot TUS. The meeting took place 6-7 February 2020 in the premises of Armstat, carried out by the team leader and the key expert on social statistics, with objectives to prepare a detailed survey plan, to identify the issues in the conduct of the pilot TUS and to have a detailed discussion on the nature of the collaboration between Armstat, STEP and UN Women.

The meeting achieved its objectives and three parties agreed on the preliminary timeline and responsible activities. STEP will be supporting Armstat by providing technical assistance (TA) missions on TUS methodologies including the development of survey questionnaires, manuals, survey planning and testing the questionnaires in the field. In addition, there will also be TA missions on:

  • TUS sampling, which will include the sampling of enumeration areas, households and diary days and estimation techniques upon completion of data collection and;
  • IT related issues comprising software development for tablets to record respondents’ answers, data entry and data processing.

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