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PROJECT C2.2_72 TA mission on the development of the production account in accordance with ESA 2010 (Ukraine)

Activity type
Technical assistance
TA mission on the development of the production account in accordance with ESA 2010 (Ukraine)
18 staff members from the National Account of the State Statistical Service of Ukraine (SSSU)
1-30 June 2021
Activity codeC2.2_72

The general objective of this technical assistance mission was to produce a detailed diagnostic of the current situation regarding the calculation of households’ final consumption and the production of quarterly GDP flash estimates in the national accounts of Ukraine and, on this basis, to produce specific recommendations for the alignment of the national accounts of Ukraine with European and international standards in relation to these two major issues.

Before the first meeting, a questionnaire was sent to the SSSU dealing with each topic to be addressed during the mission in order to get information about the estimation method implemented, the available data sources and the main difficulties faced regarding the calculation of quarterly GDP flash estimates and of the final consumption of households. The answers to this questionnaire were received prior to the first meeting and, based on this information, the actual calculation process and the main problems could be discussed during this meeting.

During the second meeting, the practice of the EU Member States in relation to both topics was discussed. Between the second and the third meetings, the STEs received a series of questions regarding both topics which had to be answered in writing. Other questions were sent by the SSSU before the third and fourth meetings and all issues could henceforth be discussed in depth during these two meetings.

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