Eastern Partnership regional programme for statistics
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Activity type Other meeting
Title 7th SDMX Global Conference – “SDMX for you”
Participants One participant from each of the partner countries
Location Budapest, Hungarian Central Statistical Office premises
Timing 16-19 September 2019
Activity code 04

SDMX (Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange) is an international initiative aiming to standardise and modernise the exchange of statistical data and metadata among international organisations and their member countries. Using SDMX enables the countries to exchange data with international organisations in an efficient and uniform manner. The SDMX standard is an ISO (International Standardisation Organisation) standard used to describe statistical data and metadata. The objective of the participation in the conference was to inform and discuss the “Latest SDMX achievements and progress updates” and to share experiences in implementing SDMX.

The participants expressed that the conference was very useful and interesting and it will help them in their SDMX projects in their home organisations. For the STEP participants new to SDMX, the conference worked as a revelation for the possibilities available in SDMX. For the more seasoned participants, the conference was an opportunity to learn the latest developments as well as getting to know people from other countries and international organisations. The participants were impressed by the experiences of countries currently working with SDMX as well as international organisations.

The participants returned to their home organisation and shared their newly acquired skills and knowledge with colleagues. The conference was useful in the following areas: quality reporting and how to generate ESS quality reports, SDG reporting, big data, micro data and geospatial information. As a secondary achievement, experiences on the implementation of the Generic Statistical Business Process Models was also gained by the participants.

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