Eastern Partnership regional programme for statistics
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Funded by the European Union

PROJECT C4.2_46 First workshop on “Data availability assessment for SDG indicators”

Activity type
Online workshop
Virtual workshop on SDG data production and reporting
There were 50 registered participants from Armenia (23), Azerbaijan (1), Belarus (2), Georgia (17), Moldova (6) and Ukraine (1). Participants were staff from various departments of the NSIs working on SDGs.
Timing8-9 February 2021
Activity codeC4.2_46

This workshop was the first activity organised within the framework of STEP project C4.2 “Support SDG policies”, the overall objective of which is to strengthen the process of SDG data availability assessment in partner countries by improving the use of specific methods of assessment. This activity supported the partner countries in assessing SDG data availability on a regular and continuous basis.

This first workshop strengthened the capacity and deepened the knowledge of partner countries’ NSIs in SDG data production, reporting and dissemination. Experience sharing among partner countries was another important outcome of the workshop to help learning from each other. Specifically, the participants learnt to conduct an SDG data availability assessment; follow methodological guidelines to track the progress of SDG indicators; use administrative data to produce SDG indicators; disaggregate SDG indicators and establish an effective SDG monitoring and evaluation system.

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