Eastern Partnership regional programme for statistics
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Funded by the European Union


Activity typeOnline kick-off meeting (2 hours)
TitleKick-off meeting for Communication for Statisticians, C4S
ParticipantsThe NSIs from all the EaP countries were present at the meeting (NC, a person from the communication office and a person from the human resources and training office)
Timing19 and 29 June
Activity codeC1.1_14

The C4S training courses have been identified as a key activity in developing under component 1 of STEP, that is, dealing with the improvement of the visibility and communication/dissemination in the EaP countries. The objective of the meeting was to present to the overall process of the C4S and to answer questions and demands for clarifications from the participants. The meeting was also an opportunity to present the next steps to be taken by the training team and by the countries in order to be ready to start the training process in October 2020.

All the EaP countries are very interested in communication issues that they all consider important and with a high level of priority in their respective national statistical strategies. Journalists are key actors today for communicating data and relations with them, always difficult, must be improved for the benefit of all: statisticians, journalists and users of statistics in general. Some of the countries already started working in this area, alone or with the support of external technical assistance and were eager to progress more with the training proposed. They all appreciated that the issue was part of the activities developed under STEP and expressed their full support and commitment to the work to come.

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