Eastern Partnership regional programme for statistics
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PROJECT C2.1_38 Calculation of labour cost index

Activity type
Online training course
Virtual training course on the calculation of labour cost index
There were 27 registered participants from Armenia (5), Azerbaijan (5) Belarus (2), Georgia (5), Moldova (5), and Ukraine (5). All participants came from the NSIs; they were mainly managers and senior specialists working under Social Statistics Divisions, especially in the field of Labour Statistics.
20-23 April 2021
Activity codeC2.1_38
LCI is one of the Principal European Economic Indicators (PEEI), a set of short-term statistics produced by Eurostat aggregating national data, and providing general economic information on European countries. Although there are heterogeneous data among partner countries (regarding for example the kind of data source, the frequency of data collection etc.) and different practices in compiling labour cost statistics, it has been considered necessary to train the NSIs’ staff in the calculation of the LCI, including seasonal and working-day adjustment. Moreover, best practices in Europe on the use and management of administrative data for the compilation of labour cost statistics were presented by the STEs.

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